Chris Barnett PC/GRI
Principal Broker/Owner
Contact: 541-660-5195 
Office: 541-494-3932 
Fax: 541-494-3935
Lic: 200003074
E-mail: chrisbarnett@realtyexecutivessooregon.onmicrosoft.com
Website: www.grantspassrealestate.us

Realty Executives International Annual Award Recipient since 2007 of: Diamond Award, Chairmans Award, Executive Club, 100% club. Chairmans Award for Top Real Estate office in Realty Executives Franchise, Top Gun Award & Team. Top 1% in entire Realty Executives International system.
Voted one of the hardest working Realtors in Southern Oregon-Sneak Preview Magazine.
Working hard is my goal.
"I'll stay on it, until Mission Accomplished"

Stefani Barnett
Principal Broker/Owner
Contact: 541-494-3932 
Fax: 541-494-3935
Lic: 200704167
E-mail: stefanibarnett@realtyexecutivessooregon.onmicrosoft.com 

Stefani Barnett has over 10 years in the real estate industry, including a background in financing & investment properties. She has been a support to Commander Chris Barnett's team since 2008 & LOVES helping the team & office achieve Award Winning status every year!
Call today and experience the Advantages of Working with an Executive!!

Kierstan Smith
Executive Assistant
Contact: 541-494-3932
Fax: 541-494-3932

Ted Conway 
Contact: 541-660-1777
Office: 541-494-3932
Fax: 541-956-4115
Lic: 201206872
E-mail: tedroguevalleynative@gmail.com 
Website: http://tedroguevalleynative.com 

Brandy Holder 

Contact: 541-646-4913

Office: 541-494-3932 

Fax: 541-956-4104

Lic: 201216425

E-mail: branh717@gmail.com 

Ilene McCoy 
Contact: 541-778-2936  
Office: 541-494-3932 
Fax: 541-956-4438
Lic: 201218830 
E-mail: imccoyrealtyexecutivesso@outlook.com 

Meet Executive Ilene McCoy ...
"Buyer/Seller Specialist" at Realty Executives Southern Oregon!

Growing a community through the buyer's eyes and having a vision for what makes a successful purchase is what Ilene excels at.
Ilene was married here & has raised her family in this GEORGOUS Valley. She has experienced graduations, weddings & the birth of grandchildren. She shares the love of the land in Grants Pass & strives to keep it strong & vibrant for generations to come! This is the heart of a true "Buyer/Seller Specialist".
Give her a chance to share her knowledge, past experience, & the love of showing you "Grants Pass" as a place you can call home.  Grateful for an amazing team to work with, she will ensure that your new home will welcome you in the way that is customary in "Grants Pass" & the surrounding areas.

Clark & Renea Ray
'The Ray Team'

Contact:  541-660-6087 or 541-951-1712

Office: 541-494-3932 

Fax: 541-956-1771

Lic: 201207696 & 201205055

E-mail: clarkray29@gmail.com & renearay33@gmail.com

Web Page: http://clarkrayhomes4sale.com

Lana Y Rogers 
Contact: 541-761-2455  
Office: 541-494-3932 
Fax: 541-956-5261
E-mail:  realestatelady2010@icloud.com

Susanah Smith 
Contact: 541-659-0900
Office: 541-494-3932 
Fax: 541-494-3935
Lic: 200008180
E-mail: goSusanahSmith@gmail.com 
Web Page: http://www.SouthernOregonSearch.com 

Professional Experience:

Licensed Real Estate Broker; Commercial Real Estate Sales & Leasing Investment Property; Acquisition Hands-On Home Rehabilitation Projects; Rental Property Management Of My Own Properties & 
Understanding of Real Estate Appraisal Principles

1994 - 1999 / Investment Properties

Bought & sold homes in San Diego & Southern Oregon for investment purposes. I researched properties that were good candidates for rehab projects, arranged financing and once they closed escrow went to work! In many cases the houses were gutted down to the studs and totally remodeled. Once finished, they were rented and/or sold.

1997 - 1999 / Real Estate Appraisal Assistant

Great experience working closely with a Southern Oregon Residential Real Estate Appraiser.

2000 - Present / Licensed Real Estate Broker in Oregon

I have been a licensed professional Realtor in Southern Oregon since 2000. In the course of my real estate career I've worked on home sales all over Southern & Central Oregon, from Ashland to Eugene, and the Oregon Coast to Klamath Falls.

In 2005 I moved into commercial property sales and leasing in the Medford/Ashland market. Based in Grants Pass, I'm able to list and sell homes and commercial properties anywhere in Oregon.

Dwayne Yunker 


Contact: 541-218-6465  
Office: 541-494-3932 
Fax: 541-956-4030
Lic: 201224401
Website: www.grantspassrealtors.com